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The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting

Connection is the key to joyful parenting and raising emotionally healthy, responsible kids. Make a positive transformation in your home as you let go of fear-based techniques and embrace the philosophy of positive parenting. Filled with practical examples, personal stories, and nuggets of hard-earned wisdom, The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting has everything you need to change your parenting paradigm and enrich your family life. If you are desperately missing the close bond you once had with your child, if your days are filled with tears and frustration, this book is for you. The relationships we build with our children last a lifetime. Ultimately, love is the only leverage we have with our kids. Fear-based parenting only works as long as it can be physically or emotionally enforced, but love is a more effective motivator over time. Through being kind and firm, consistent and empathetic, we allow our children optimal development. When the child-rearing is done, the loving bond you have built is what will make your relationship with your adult child fruitful and enjoyable. Positive parenting keeps that relationship intact while teaching and guiding your child to his or her fullest potential.

This book is SO helpful and is so lovingly written. I can relate with so many of the examples and am thankful to have the positive helpful solutions at my figure tips now that I have this book! A must read for every parent!

Zack Shea

I had bits of pieces of positive parenting incorporated into my parenting, but reading this book blew my mind and opened my mind and thoughts to things I had never thought of before. A different approach to parenting that is loving and actually works. – Hannah Hogan

Wise, gentle and loving approach.

Elena Kovolav

I have read many parenting books and this is by far my favorite. Very logical and easy to understand but also very eye-opening. Unlike many parenting books which focus on "problem behaviors" The Newbie's Guide focuses on the overall picture of growing a positive relationship with your child instead of just a quick fix for an issue. I have recommended it to many friends and will continue to do so!!


I really wanted to make the shift to positive parenting and Rebecca Eanes wrote an excellent book on the subject. My book is already dog-eared and highlighted as I Iove to go back and remind myself of tips after I get the kids to bed. Some of the suggestions are laid out with examples which is so helpful. I found myself reading out loud to my husband at times when we needed a direction shift. If you are interested in putting a focus on positive parenting then this is the beginner's book for you!


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