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Rebecca Eanes is a bestselling author and a contributing editor to Creative Child Magazine as well as Baby Maternity Magazine. She has been featured at Psychology Today, Mind Body Green, Maria Shriver, The Gottman Institute Blog, Boston Parents Paper, Brightly, and more.

Her newest book, The Gift of a Happy Mother, is a guide to overcoming guilt, mental overwhelm, and many other happiness stealers common in modern motherhood. Her other books include Positive Parenting: An  Essential Guide, The Positive Parening Workbook, The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting, and a co-authored book titled Positive Parenting in Action.


Her highly anticipated newest book, The Gift of a Happy Mother, will be released in April 2, 2019!

Rebecca considers herself a messenger, not an expert. She writes parent to parent from the trenches of motherhood with the perspective of a mother who has made the paradigm shift from conventional to positive parenting. She delights in sharing her journey with her readers and inspiring families to choose joy and love. She has independently researched and studied positive parenting for the past 8 years and strives to continue to learn and grow along with her children, to love well, and to lead a life well-lived.

She is the grateful mother to 2 boys.

Get in touch with her at rebecca@positive-parents.org.

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