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Early Childhood Education Parent Survey

EY-Parthenon is currently conducting research via a survey to better understand the decision-making process for parents looking to enroll their children in private early childhood education, or preschool. Prior to entering the main survey, you will be asked a short list of questions to ensure you have the appropriate profile to participate. If you are

Rebecca Eanes is a hidden gem. She describes a parenting approach that is revolutionary. Reading her books has changed my life.

Sophia Christen

Rebecca's writing speaks directly to my heart. She has a way of saying exactly what I feel in a way I could never adequately express. Her writing inspires me, gives me hope, and lets me know that I'm not alone.

Megan Stonelake

So much of effective parenting is about understanding relationships, communication, and human development — Rebecca Eanes conduces all of this science in a relatable, practical way. I have learnt so much from reading her books and posts on Positive Parenting Toddlers And Beyond. As a mommy of six children I take time each day to read a bit of Rebecca. It's a Parent's survival, no...*THRIVING* guide!

Lelia Schott

Reading Rebecca Eanes’ books helped me to realize almost all the issues I was facing were because of the way I was reacting instead of responding to normal developing behavior in my daughter. She does it in a way that takes away all mom guilt and gives you support and encouragement through her words.

Jacey Goates

I started reading Rebecca's work when I was pregnant with my twins, and I've been able to incorporate what she's taught me into our lives from the time they were born. I am forever grateful to Rebecca Eanes for empowering me to be the parent I always wanted to be!!!

Lea Havis

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