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Positive Parenting in Action

Parenthood is a beautiful journey. We don’t have to become adversaries with our children; doing so is very unnatural to our humanity. We are all wired for connection, for closeness, and for love. Positive parenting frees us to move from the traditional parenting roles which create friction and rebellion and allows us instead to move into a more natural role which creates cooperation and peace. The inevitable conflicts that arise in a relationship no longer define the relationship, but serve as stepping stones to greater understanding and connection. There is an abundance of resources available which tell parents why traditional parenting practices are not optimal, but few help parents learn what to do in place of traditional practices. In this book, we’ll discuss the principles of positive parenting, and then we will go through more than 40 scenarios to show you what it looks like when these principles are put into action.

Was lucky enough to find this book at the recommendation of a Montessori teacher. My daughter went from having 5 temper tantrums a day (3 years old) to just one a month to one in six months. It changed how I view consequences and development of my very normal daughter. I had originally thought she was feisty and out of control but learned she was just frustrated and once I learned to hear her story better, she calmed right down and became a very easy child. SO grateful to the ladies who wrote this book!


This helped me tackle several issues with my almost-5-year-old. Great and easy read!


This book provided the gift of letting go of the past and being hopeful for the future armed with this information and clear cut advice. EMPATHY is recommended to be at the forefront of every action and reaction, and this philosophy is a true middle ground between being permissive and being too strict and caught up with punishment and nagging.


It's so nice to see actual examples of positive parenting in action! I've read so much on positive parenting but seeing examples of the exact words to use make it so much easier for me!

Shawna Martell

Loved the easy examples!! I have a 3 year old and it was getting harder to understand some changes in her mood. Now I have better ways to empathize and recover our connection. A book that any parent with minimum a 1 year old must read.

Cynthia Navarrete

I enjoyed this book because it gives practical examples and ways to apply the advice.

J. Barrette

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