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There are many Christian parenting books out there which condone and even advise harsh treatment of children based off proof-texting a few select Scriptures. Such books written by the Pearls, Ezzo, Dobson, Williams, and Tripp have dangerous messages which have led to deadly outcomes

“A parent must recognize and see clearly that Biblically beating his child sensitizes that child not only to the fact of sin but also to its ugliness. In addition, the child will see that the penalty must always be paid when we sin…The one who does not Biblically beat his child, in a loving and consistent way, in a very real sense predisposes that child for hell and even has a very direct part in sending him there.” (Ronald E. Williams, The Correction and Salvation of Children) 

L.R. Knost challenges the views and beliefs of these popular Christian authors by breaking down the very Scriptures they use to support such harsh treatment of children to the original text. By looking at the original text and their meanings, we can clearly see there is no foundation whatsoever for the rigid, harsh treatment of God’s gifts to us. 
In Jesus, the Gentle Parent, Knost beautifully illustrates the heart of the Father. She gently points readers’ eyes directly to where Christian eyes should be fixed, the Cross – the Cross, where we all received the gift of an undeserving grace and an unconditional love which our children should not be deprived of. Jesus paid the penalty for our sin, yet self-proclaimed experts like Williams maintain that the smallest of us must continue to pay the penalty for theirs. 

“Grace is the point. The whole point. Everything leading up to the Cross pointed to the Cross, everything was settled on the Cross, and on the cross,in the outstretched arms of Jesus is where grace was born. (L.R. Knost)

This book, however, is not just a book which discusses Christian theology, but is a practical guide for parenting children from infancy to adolescence. Newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, middle childhood, and teens and beyond are all addressed by the author as she explains how to parent our little ones responsively, consciously, and with a compassionate heart in each age and stage.
The Discussion Questions and Points to Ponder near the end of the book are invaluable as they implore us to look inside ourselves to see what our true beliefs are and where we acquired our beliefs, and more importantly to seek God for wisdom in our parenting choices. She doesn’t expect you to take her word blindly but to seek counsel from the Creator. 
Jesus, the Gentle Parent is a breath of fresh air for Christian parents. It is a paradigm-changing resource that I recommend to every parent who wants to show their children the heart of our God. Lay down your rod and pick up your child in loving arms as you gently point them to the Cross. One of the chapters is titled “Grace has a Face.” I love that, because it’s true. Jesus is the face of grace, but to little children, the face of grace is you. 
Look for Jesus, the Gentle Parent on Amazon in paperback or Kindle and at other retailers. 

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Communication is the key to peaceful, effective interactions between parents and children. When normal childhood behavior is viewed as normal instead of something to be corrected and controlled, communication creates the bridge to developmentally appropriate growth, maturity, and independence. Written by best-selling parenting and children’s book author and mother of six, L.R.Knost, ‘Whispers Through Time: Communication Through the Ages and Stages of Childhood’ is a rethinking of mainstream parenting’s perception of normal childhood behaviors coupled with simple, practical approaches to parent/child communication at each stage of development from tots to teens.

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