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Lying is a normal part of development, yet we have so many fears and worries that our children will turn into compulsive liars if we don’t come down hard and heavy on the first lie that escapes their lips. However, punishment, or the threat of punishment, only makes kids better and more frequent liars.

Read this article I wrote for Creative Child Magazine about young children telling lies, and then come on back for today’s challenge.

Loving courageously through lying:

1. Avoid calling your child a liar. This is a negative label that you don’t want him believing about himself. Simply state what you know to be true. “I know you wish you’d have brushed your teeth, but your toothbrush is still dry. Please go back and do it.”

2. Acknowledge and appreciate honesty. “It took a lot of courage for you to tell me the truth. Thank you. It means a lot to me.”

If lying is a trigger for you, write why you think that is. What happened when you lied as a child? What fears do you have when your child tells a lie? Are those fears rational?

Join me tomorrow for “Loving Courageously When There’s Danger.”


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