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The Positive Parenting Workbook is hitting the shelves on March 6, 2018, and I’ve created a special digital prize package for pre-ordering! 
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What is The Positive Parenting Workbook?

I’m so excited to release this interactive guide for parents! Part workbook and part journal, The Positive Parenting Workbook guides readers deeper into the parenting experience!Here’s what you can expect from the workbook:

  • Together, we will do the self-work necessary to become your best self because I believe if we hope to guide our children to their full potentials, we must first strive to reach our own! You’ll learn to look at your own story and notice how it has shaped you as a parent. There are exercises for changing negative thought patterns so you can live joyful days and a table to record your progress!You’ll learn  how to identify your anger triggers and some amazing techniques for calming yourself down quickly. We’ll discuss the importance of self-care and help you make time for a very important person – you!
  • The Workbook gently guides you and your parenting partner toward the same page so you can parent more effectively. With guided discussion questions and connection exercises, you’ll learn how to communicate better and strengthen your relationship.
  • Because communication is important in every happy family, I’m going to help you learn positive communication skills with your partner and your children so that respect is the common tongue in your home! I’ve even included exercises to build positive communication skills.
  • Because I wholeheartedly believe that building a foundation of trust with our children is essential to healthy growth and easier parenting, I’ve devoted a chapter on how you can connect deeply with your child no matter what age.
  • I’m going to help you define your family culture in this workbook because that is the world your children grow up in! Often overlooked, this essential parenting tool includes your habits, expectations, communication, traditions, and more! And I’ll show you how to create your own family blueprint or mission statement that will help you stay on track as a family. I include lots of ideas for creating a loving, happy family culture that your children will feel safe in and that truly makes home a haven.
  • I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about creating sibling rivalry and promoting positive bonds and you’ll learn positive discipline tools to handle sibling spats!
  • I’m going to show you how to look at your child’s behavior in a new way so that you can stop the mundane task of behavior patrol and learn to decode behavior so you can fix it at it’s source. Learning to see positive intent is so important in shaping who our children believe they are, and it’s my secret parenting tool! You’ll have lots of space to work out your child’s behavior in the book and write out helpful observations.
  • Raising emotionally healthy children is the hope of all parents, and in this workbook you’ll find exercises for building your child’s emotional intelligence, plus you’ll learn about the roles of self-image on emotional health and how to help your child build a positive self-image. Of course, your emotional health is important, too, and that’s addressed in this workbook as well with thought-provoking questions and exercises.
  • Finally, I’ll show you how to trade punishments for real solutions that help your child grow and thrive while keeping your relationship strong! You’ll learn the steps to positive discipline along with alternatives to punishments. I’ll also show you how to navigate through some of the toughest behavioral issues, such as aggression, whining, tantrums, back talk, and more.
Each chapter is packed with reflection questions, exercises, and journal space for the ultimate guide in creating your joyful, connected family!
Sound amazing?

Pre-order the Positive Parenting Workbook now and get these amazing bonus printables!

  1. A behavior detective worksheet for kids that puts your child in a detective role. This fun and engaging worksheet shows your child how their thoughts affect their emotions and how emotions drive behavior. They learn to get curious about why they are repeating a certain behavior and encouraged to work through how their behavior affected them and the people around them. My favorite part is that it puts the responsibility of their behavior on them and asks think about how they can do better the next time with what they’ve learned.
  2. The behavior worksheet for parents helps you discover what’s driving your child’s behavior. Through a few simple exercises and questions, you can get to the bottom of the problem and find a real solution that works to heal it, not just cover it up!
  3. My family meeting agenda worksheet shows you everything you need for a great family meeting and provides space for intentions, affirmations, concerns, and goals. This tool will help your family run more smoothly, like a well-oiled machine!
  4. The 16 helper cards you’ll receive are meant to be given out at the family meeting (or anytime your child needs to pick a chore). The fun and colorful designs are meant to grab your kid’s attention and make family contributions seem a little less dull.  I’ve also included blank cards that you can customize!
  5. You’ll get a 5 Steps to Positive Discipline cheat sheet to hang on your fridge or put in your binder, and it serves as a great, quick tool to help you stay on track as a positive parent!
  6. Finally, I’m including a beautiful and inspirational bookmark so you won’t lose your place as you go through The Positive Parenting Workbook!

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  2. Forward a copy of your receipt to rebecca@positive-parents.org.
  3. Within 48 hours, your bonuses will be delivered to your inbox!

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The Positive Parenting Workbook is an amazing companion guide to Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide! You don’t have to own Positive Parenting to work through this workbook, but they do go hand in hand for a deeper understanding of Positive Parenting, and the best news? You can get Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide right now for half it’s regular price! #winning