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Is Conscious Parenting Close to Your Heart?
Image Credit: The Jai Institute for Parenting
Conscious/Positive Parenting has been a topic close to my heart for many years now. I’ve been an advocate and messenger for about 9 years, an author on the subject for 5 years, and soon, I’ll be a certified conscious parenting coach!
There is nothing more rewarding than helping parents connect with their children heart to heart. Conscious parent coaching is the fasting growing niche in the Coaching Industry, and now you have a chance to join me and the other parent coaches in this soul-filling, time-freeing career.
I recently sat down for a webinar with Jolette Jai and, wow, what an insightful training with the Founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting!
You can watch and listen to the replay here – https://vimeo.com/265426919/48390cdf3b
In the training, Jolette talks about : 
* How to have the deepest, most fulfilling relationship with your child without compromising your values as a parent.
* How to have time freedom for your children without sacrificing your life.
* How to have a consistent stream of income without having to go to work and leave your children for the entire day.
* How to turn your parenting into a soul-filled career even if that seems like a ridiculous proposition right now.
* How you can ride the wave of the fastest-growing niche in the Coaching Industry.
If you feel that parenting is the most important thing that you will ever do and you thrive on having more harmony and abundance in your family… watch this replay now – https://vimeo.com/265426919/48390cdf3b
If you are ready to take the leap and join me in this amazing field of work, simply fill out this application and Jolette’s team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss the details.

Ready to see what’s possible for you?
                                                Image Credit: The Jai Institute for Parenting
I hope you come aboard! We need you!