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Love-bombing my children on their birthdays has become a favorite family tradition. My husband remembers with fondness how each year when he was growing up, the birthday child would wake up to getting his or her nose buttered by the rest of the family. I remember the joy of feeling celebrated when my parents smothered the house in balloons and decorations. The memories you provide your birthday boy or girl now will bring smiles for a lifetime. Here are 15 ways to give joy to your child on that special day.

  1. Crepe paper the bedroom doorway, and all the doorways if you’d like! There is a hallway leading from my child’s bedroom, and I usually put a crepe paper maze through the entire hallway. The birthday child gets to bust through the doorway and run down the hall breaking streamers! It’s a fantastic way to start the day!
  2. Sneak into the bedroom after she’s asleep and put helium balloons all over the room. What a lovely sight for her to open her eyes to on birthday morning!
  3. Start the day with a special breakfast. A muffin with a candle or cake batter pancakes.