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If you’re looking for unique, creative gifts for the little ones on your list, I have a wonderful gift guide for you full of great gift ideas. Check out a few of the items in this guide:

Hi, I’m Ozobot

I provide kids and techies an expressive way to learn and play with robotics in a variety of social and interactive settings. I come to life when you create mazes, tracks and playgrounds on paper, game boards and digital screens. I also come with free downloadable apps and become your physical avatar for some truly one of a kind augmented reality games.

I teach you code language, robotic behavior and deductive reasoning while effortlessly playing on multi-dimensional environments. Expand your imagination and gain skills for life through my ability to play creative, strategic and competitive games with you.

Goobi and Jumbo G magnetic construction sets.
  1. Why Goobi?
    • An ideal and amusing activity which induces creativity and helps to develop sense of proportion.
    • Teaches simple and spontaneous ways to learn basics of geometry, physics, architecture and engineering.
    • Enhances eye-hand coordination and improves problem solving skills.
    • An entertaining activity that brings families together, revealing their undiscovered creativity.
    • Can also be very helpful for occupational therapists in the rehabilitation of people with motor skill challenges.
    • Can even appeal to professionals as a stress reducer. 
The Tubby Table  is an award-winning educational bath toy for toddlers. 
Children and parents love this innovative and educational play surface that suctions in the middle of the tub, giving kids a sturdy & safe place surface while keeping water and toys inside the tub!
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