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We all want to get this right, this whole parenting thing. We seek advice, we read books and articles, we listen to family and friends (or not), and we hope we make the right choices. We hope they grow up and make the right choices too, because we did.

And so we get all caught up in the choice-making, in the figuring it out, in the “am I getting this right?” and the days turn fuzzy, and the weeks become blurs, and one day we wake up and our child has grown 3 inches and we say “Wait! Slow down! I haven’t figured the last stage out yet!”

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some incredible mothers over the past year+ since I started PPTB. Mothers who have informed me, inspired me, helped me to grow, listened to my concerns, calmed my fears, and gave me incredible insight.

Perhaps the most valuable advice I’ve received is that *it passes.* All of it. The night waking that seems to drag on forever. The diaper changing. The toddling. The visits in the middle of the night. The tantrums. The first day of school. The messy rooms. The giggles. Tiny arms around your neck.

All of it passes.

Sometimes the stage you’re going through seems like it will never end. Sometimes you get caught up in parenting and you forget to stop and take it all in. Sometimes you just want him to be out of diapers or off your hip or in his own bed or able to make his own sandwich. Sometimes these things seem like such a big deal.

But remember this. One day, he’ll be out of diapers. I promise. One day, he’ll be too big for your hip. One day you won’t be able to drag him out of his bed. One day he just might make you a sandwich. One day, you’ll walk into his empty room and give just about anything to have THIS day back, THIS day with all it’s exhaustion and chaos, and laughter.

So let the little things go. Hold them in your lap. Stay and play a little longer. Connect. Make memories. Great ones. Ones worth holding onto when the little hand you’re holding onto now is gone.

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  • Ada Posted 22 November 2011 18:11

    We Love & Logic and it has helped immensely!

  • Lee Posted 23 November 2011 3:02

    Lovely post and great reminder.

  • Susan Rodio Art Posted 24 November 2011 21:00

    Great post, just what I needed to hear today. Im on 18months of bad sleeps!

  • maisha Sapp Posted 7 January 2016 8:55

    a reminder that "being" is so much more important than "doing".

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