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I am really excited to be collaborating with Montessori by Mom. If you want to give your child a Montessori education at home, Montessori by Mom offers everything you need to focus on having fun and teaching your kids, not doing research and creating materials. Their main goal is to help you “bring Montessori home.” The subscription has everything (video instruction, curriculum, and materials) to make it easy for even someone with no experience to have the benefit of Montessori at home.

The materials they provide are high quality. They are designed to last and be used with all of your kids for years. They also search for beautiful items that engage the imagination.

Each month you get:

  • Curriculum for 6-8 activities
  • Video instruction for each activity
  • Video instruction for basic Montessori principles
  • All necessary materials
  • Bonus activities and suggested ways to more using a few materials at home

Each box is themed, so your kids will love them. They think it’s fun, and you know it’s learning.

Here is the newest toolbox! Building and Blocks!

One of my favorites, Dinosaur Discovery!

This Toolbox provides the opportunity to feel like a paleontologist while your child studies a real dinosaur bone, excavates a model dinosaur, and makes their own fossil!

I’m happy to offer you a discount of $10 off your first month!! Just subscribe here and use the code AFFBEPP.

Watch this video by Montessori by Mom to see the materials and an explanation of some of the activities.
Right now, they only offer a subscription for the 3-5 age range, but they hope to expand that as their business grows! 
Everything is created by two teachers running a small business. They really did start Montessori By Mom to help parents and make Montessori more accessible for everyone!

*We have the shells and starfish toolbox, and my 5 year old adores it! These are quality materials and well put together! He loves the counting and transfer activities. I wish I’d started both my kids with a Montessori education from the get-go! – RE*

Montessori by Mom has added a new store where they are now offering single toolboxes like these as well as refill items

Shoots and Sprouts

Mad Scientist

Space Explorer
As well as Activity Sets such as these:
Mystery Bag and Nature Study

Astronaut Adventure

Constellation Activity Set

Pouring Activity

Seashell Transfer

Save by getting the subscription and get a new toolbox every month! Save EVEN MORE by using my code to get $10 off your first month’s subscription! Just subscribe here and use the code AFFBEPP.

Whatever you order, let them know that we sent you!


  • Surbhi Arora Posted 19 August 2014 8:37

    Do u also deliever to other countries??

  • Rebecca Posted 19 August 2014 9:39

    Surbhi Arora, yes I believe she delivers internationally. http://www.montessoribymom.com

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