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Stress can uproot us – make us act in ways that we don’t like to act, feel things we don’t want to feel. But we don’t just have to accept that today’s world is a stressful, busy place and we just need to adapt! We can own our lives, our attitudes, our actions in a mature and responsible way so that our children learn to do the same. Yeah, parenting is hard. It makes us grow up. It’s not the kids that are hard – it’s the changes we have to make within ourselves to be our best for them that’s hard.

Here are two articles to read about stress. Come back for your challenge when you’re done.

Stress Management

The Epidemic of Stressed Parents Raising Stressed Kids: From Generation X to Generation Stress

Learn stress management skills. 
Keep going, courageous parent!


Read the post that inspired the Love Courageously challenge.

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