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Several of you asked for help with loving courageously through bedtime battles. I’m here to help, but you probably don’t want bedtime advice from me. My kids are currently giggling in their room at 10 pm.

I can give you some tips for loving courageously, which I will do at the end, but I’m going to just kindly point you to a few bedtime articles that look really helpful. After you’ve read them, come back for your challenge. 🙂

A Better Bedtime by Mom with a Lesson Plan

Toddler Fighting Sleep? 20 Peaceful Sleepy-Time Tips by L.R. Knost

Your Preschooler and Bedtime by Dr. Laura Markham

Loving courageously through bedtime battles means

  • Being kind and consistent about your routines and rules.
  • Keeping your cool and not engaging in a battle of wills.
  • Being understanding when your child is frightened or needs extra cuddles. It’s tough being little sometimes.
  • Ensuring their sleep space is comfortable and inviting.
  • Making sure they go to bed feeling loved and valued.
Would it work for you to do what “A Mom with a Lesson Plan” did (and what I do) and stop fighting about bedtime and let them go to sleep when they’re sleepy as long as they stay in their room? How can you tweak your bedtime routine to make it work better for you? How can you be more consistent, kind, and firm regarding bedtime? Jot down your ideas in your journal.

Join me tomorrow for a guest post by Casey O’Roarty of Joyful Courage on Loving Courageously Through the Teen Years.


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