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Not getting enough sleep is almost sure to cause me a bad mood. Yesterday, we talked about loving courageously through our kids’ bad attitudes and bad moods, but let’s face it, we’re human, too. Sometimes we just don’t feel like showing up today. Sometimes we feel like sulking.

But we know those moods don’t serve anyone in our homes. We know we need to shift out of our bad moods and show up anyway because we set the tones for our households.

Read these articles on shifting your mood and then come back for today’s challenge:

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Loving Courageously through your sour mood:

1. Do what you can to shift your mood. Kick the negative thoughts that are circling in your mind and intentionally look for something good to focus on.

2. Say out loud 10 things you are grateful for. When you begin to count your blessings, often your spirits lift.

3. Tell your child why you’re in the mood. Chances are your kid has noticed, and this is a good way to teach emotional intelligence and let your child know your mood is not their fault. “I am feeling stressed today about something. I’m in a sour mood but it’s not your fault, and I’m working to make it better.”

4. Hold your tongue. Try with you might to not take your sour mood out on your child. Repeat your mantra over and over and over if you have to. “I choose love. I choose love.” Look down at your bracelet and remember your promise.

5. Do something physical. Get outside if you can and breathe the fresh air. Being in nature is good for mood-shifting. If it’s too cold or yucky out, do something that improves your mood, like dancing or yoga.

Bad moods are a part of human life, but we don’t have to stay stuck in them. In your journal, write 3 ways to shift from a bad mood.

Join me tomorrow for Loving Courageously Through Stress.


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