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Courageous love isn’t critical. Constantly criticizing children tears them down. Our job, courageous parents, is to build up. Turn your criticisms into encouragements. Here are some examples:

Criticism: Why can’t you understand this?
Encouragement: If you keep trying, you’ll get it. I believe in you.

Criticism: Your room is a pigsty.
Encouragement: Keeping your room tidy shows responsibility, and I know you’re a responsible kid. Remember that time you (name something responsible your child has done).

Criticism: Your clothes don’t match. Again!
Encouragement: I like your unique style.

Criticism: This grade is pathetic. You can do better than this!
Encouragement: I know you’re very capable in this subject area. Is there something you need help with?

Criticism: You’re so clumsy! You always spill your drink!
Encouragement: Oops! Let’s clean this up.

Words are powerful. Use yours to cover your child in love and grace.

Today, resolve to not let any critical words escape your lips. Practice flipping any critical words that come to mind into encouragement. In your journal, write down a few criticisms that you’ve said to your child that come to mind and then write a positive encouragement for each one. You’ll be ready to encourage the next time it happens!

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