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Actions speak louder than words. We know that, right? So, in addition to telling our children how much we love them, we must express our love in actions.

Every child has a love language. If you’d like to learn more, read The Five Love Languages of Children.

The five basic love languages are:

Touch – This child feels most loved through affection and physical activities like wrestling or racing.

Words – This child feels most loved with kind words and praise.

Quality time – This child feels most loved when the parent takes time to focus on her alone.

Gifts: This child feels most loved when given something – a gift or token of your love.

Service: This child feels most loved when you do nice things for him, like help him with his chores.

Ask your child to name 3 things that make him or her feel loved the most. Write these 3 things down in your journal and make it a point to express it daily.

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