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Courageous love is kind. We speak of being kind to strangers. We speak of being kind to our neighbors and our friends. We speak of being kind to our spouses. We speak of disciplining our children.

Let’s make it a point today, and for the rest of this challenge, to show out-of-the-way kindness to these little human beings we get to share our lives with. Kindness begets kindness, and I believe you just may find at the end of this challenge that your kids are kinder, too.

Ideas to show out-of-the-way kindness:

1. Do a chore for them. Make their bed and then top if off with a little love note.

2. Write on their bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. “You’re so loved!”

3. Put away all distractions for an hour and just play.

4. Visit your child at school and have lunch together.

5. Plan a special date with your little one.

6. Make heart-shaped pancakes or sandwiches.

7. Stick a love note in your child’s lunch, or even a small balloon with a message written on it.

8. Give your child an extra-long hug and one extra story at bedtime.

9. Make a coupon book redeemable for such lovely gifts as 1 ice cream cone, stay up 30 minutes past bedtime, or you choose the movie for movie night.

10. It doesn’t have to be a birthday to order a cake. Celebrate your child with a cake that just says “I love you!” String up balloons and everything!

For 100 more ways to show kindness to your child, check out this great post.

Today, do an unexpected kindness for your child. In your journal, write what kindness you did, how made you feel, and your child’s reaction.

Bonus: Do one for your partner, too!

Join me tomorrow for “Courageous Love is Attentive.”


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  • Eric D. Greene Posted 4 February 2015 7:30

    Super! I love these ideas to love courageously and to show kindness towards children. – Eric

  • Suzi Smart Photography Posted 4 February 2015 7:33

    Does helping with my five year old son's winter walk school field trip count 😉

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