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“Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.” – H Jackson Brown

Courageous love doesn’t focus on faults but on strengths. Courageous love sees the good and also appreciates it deeply. When is the last time you felt a real, deep gratitude for your child? This morning? Last week? Months ago?

It’s wonderful to let kids know that you appreciate it when they do something good. It may be more wonderful to let them you know that you appreciate them for just being who they are and that you’re grateful they are in your life.

Showing appreciation to our children teaches them to show appreciation to others.

  • Write thank you notes to your children. Sometimes, make them BIG and GRAND. Let them bask in your love and appreciation.
  • Start an appreciation board in your home. On a white board, write “I appreciate…” and everyone in the family is encouraged to write what they’re appreciative of on the board each week. Go over these appreciations at your family meeting.
  • Take your child on a special outing just for him or her and say the only reason for it is to show your appreciation.
  • Try out this warm fuzzy jar.  
Be intentional about looking each day for something that your child does that you can show appreciation for. List 5 things in your journal today that you appreciate about each member of your family.

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    I love these ideas!!

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