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‘Tis the season! This gift guide is the first of 6 helpful guides coming your way thanks to CreativeChild.

Not your typical gift guide filled with Elmo and Barbie, this features unique gifts that educate and inspire! 
For example, how awesome is this Tubby Table
Children and parents love this innovative and educational play surface that suctions in the middle of the tub, giving kids a sturdy & safe place surface while keeping water and toys inside the tub!
Based on the notion that kids learn through play, the Tubby Table includes 5 colored, shaped, & numbered cups to develop both cognitive and fine motor skills. Children keep coming back to the Tubby Table for endless enjoyment with the included toys as well as their favorite bath time toys. Whether its a tea party with your princess dolls or a battle of the action figures, The Tubby Table keeps water play in the tub and off the bathroom floor. No more wet floors means parents can sit back and relax while kids enjoy their bath time.

Or what about this Mini Micro Kickboard? Love it!
The Mini Micro Kickboard is the highest rated scooter for young children. Its award-winning Swiss design is ideal for children ages 3-5. The Mini Micro’s 3 wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and gentle steering all contribute to the stability that makes the Mini perfect for pre-schoolers and kindergartners. What makes the Mini unique and fun is the lean-and-steer design; kids their body weight to curve right and left, intuitively learning to ‘surf the sidewalk’, while developing the balance and coordination used in many sports. All parts are replaceable, so your Mini Micro will last, virtually forever. Safety certified by the CPSC. The Mini Micro is recommended for children up to 44lbs.
And the Get Out Kit looks like a blast!
3 in 1 Outdoor Active Play Kit

• Flyer (hacky sack meets badminton)
• Moon ball (bounces out of this world!)
• Waboba Surf (bounces on water)
• Playbook with 21 ways to play

Get Out contains Waboba’s most popular sport innovations to encourage kids to unplug, go outside, and be active – all the while having fun! With each item covering a different playing environment, there are plenty ways for kids to get out and play until the sun goes down.

There is so much more! View the entire guide here!
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