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Many of you have asked about donating to help positive parenting author and speaker, L.R.Knost, in her battle against a rare neuroendocrine cancer (you can read her story here, and most of you probably know by now about her reluctance to ask her readers to participate in any kind of a fundraiser to help with her medical expenses. But now her passion for her positive parenting work has opened the door to a combined fundraiser that she’s very excited about: For every dollar raised, half will go to help with her cancer battle and half will go into a fund to supply gentle parenting books and resources to various venues such as hospitals for new parent bags, crisis family centers, and pregnancy centers. So when you give the gift of life to L.R.Knost, you’ll also be giving the gift of gentle parenting!

L.R. Knost is an international best-selling author. Her award-winning books have touched the hearts of parents across the globe. Her website offers gentle wisdom, and her Facebook community inspires me and thousands of other parents every single day.

Thank you for your support. <3