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It’s time for holiday shopping, and these gift guides from CreativeChild Magazine offer up the perfect gift ideas to encourage and inspire your little one!

Here are some of my favorites from issue #3!

The Maze Mover has 3 mazes in 1! This can be used standing, sitting, alone, or with friends. Promotes balance!

Meet NEA, CAZI, SAM and LACI. These Magnificent Sprinkles are each blessed with a special power that helps children to be brave and strong. So whether your room makes strange noises at night, or you sometimes feel lonely, Grandma Leah has just the Sprinkle for you! Sprinkles have soft rainbow hair, a silky power band, and huggable bodies perfect for a cozy cuddle. They even come in a miniature size so you can carry them with you at all times!

With a spin and a song, the Magnificent Sprinkles bring comfort and joy to you!

Snapo blocks, the only building blocks that connect on all sides with a snap, that rotate and slide too for extra fun.

The standard assortment has more than 275 blocks that come in multiple shapes and colors.

They include wheels, propellers, roof pieces, ball-connectors and many more.

All you need to build whatever your imagination can dream of: cars, houses, animals, airplanes….

They come in 4 color combinations. Check them out!

Stomp on the StompRocket launch pad and watch the rocket soar up to 
200 ft in the air!
Children loved learning to recognize letter characters with the Meet the Letters DVD. Now with Meet the Letter Sounds, children will learn the different sounds that letters make. Children will love letter characters both new and old. Meet the Letter Sounds is part of the three part Meet the Phonics Series; that teaches Letter Sounds, Digraphs and Blends. You will be amazed at how easily your little one can learn their letter sounds.™ Meet the Letter sounds features many new letter characters and also brings back old favorites from Meet the Letters.
Featuring a full color illustration of animals from around the world. i-Mat: My Animal World serves as a visual fun playland with dozens of cute animals that babies will enjoy looking at and exploring.


  • 3 Languages in English, Spanish, and Chinese
  • Basic and Advanced Games
  • Real Animal Sounds and Music
  • Teaches Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Playmat dimensions (individual): 24.5″ x 24.5″ x 3/8″
  • Playmat dimensions (assembled): 48″ x 48″ x 3/8″
There is so much more in this guide!

View the full guide here!

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