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Tucked away on my bookshelf, lost and forgotten among the piles of books I never seem to find the time to read, I recently found and dusted off For My Children – A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom.

I have been pondering some deep questions lately, such as what legacy am I leaving my children, what do I really want them to know about these years of raising them, what do I, myself, want to remember most about these years, what wisdom have I gained that I really want to impart on them, etc.

I was looking online for a journal I could keep for them, when it dawned on me that I already had one. I remembered this little gem and went searching through the book pile to pull it out. Looking through it this morning has brought me to tears. When I think of handing this book to my grown sons, I get teary-eyed.

This book is full of writing prompts for the mother to reflect on and write about. There are so many wonderful things in here that I would have never thought to write about on my own, such as “What songs and music have been important to you as a mother?” and “What experiences helped you become more confident as a mother?” to things I feel are so important to tell our children, like “What are the keys to happiness?” and “How have you learned to handle life when you felt discouraged?”

Full of beautiful art and over 150 writing prompts, this book is sure to be a gift your child will treasure and pass down through generations. It covers subjects from pregnancy through raising teens, so I will be writing in this book for many years to come. I can write about their infant and toddler years now, while still fresh on my mind, and continue through the book as I, myself, gain more wisdom I want to share.

I highly recommend this book to all mothers, whether you are pregnant for the first time or your children are grown. It will be insightful for you to journal in and a beautiful gift to your child.

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

Also be sure to visit the author’s website, Code Name: Mama  and Facebook page.


  • Annmarie Pipa Posted 27 March 2013 7:00

    sounds like a treasure of a book!!!
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