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We have our calm down box at home, but sometimes (okay, fairly often) my kids get upset when we’re out. So, today I made a trip to the dollar store and bought a small jar, balloons, and Play Doh.

I made a small I Spy jar, which is the travel version of our calm down jar. I figure if they focus their minds on looking for things in the jar, it’s the same as focusing on the swirling glitter. I just added some colored rice and a few little items to spy.

Then, I just had to make the cute little stress ball balloons I saw here. Just fill balloons with Play Doh and draw faces on them.  I made 2 for our calm down box at home, and 2 for the travel bag.

I put the small I spy jar, a stress balloon ball, and a small paper tablet inside a Ziploc bag and tossed the bag in my purse. Now I have tools to help my kids calm down no matter where we are.



  • Meaghan Posted 23 January 2012 19:53

    I love this idea so much. I just need to make a cute little bag for our now. I also made a calm down basket and wrote about it on my blog http://raisingourfamily.blogspot.com

  • Becky Posted 24 January 2012 6:42

    Thanks Meaghan! I posted your blog post on our facebook page today. 🙂 Your blog looks so much like mine. Not this one, but my more personal one. http://creatingparadise.blogspot.com

  • Deborah McNelis Posted 13 March 2013 10:16

    Excellent ideas for young brains that are not mature enough to know how to handle all the emotions they feel! I will be sharing this post!

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