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You asked for it, and you got it! The popular PDF The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting is now a full-length paperback! I’ve revised prior chapters and added 6 entirely new chapters!

Do you want to create a more positive and peaceful home? Are you tired of parenting formulas and techniques that just don’t work and leave you feeling at odds with your child?

Learn the 5 principles of positive parenting and discover how to bring connection and peace back into your relationship with your child. You’ll learn a new way in which to relate to your child, one which fosters connection rather than disconnection, respect rather than rebellion, and cultivates a healthy relationship which you can enjoy throughout the years. 

This is what you’re getting:

One: What is Positive Parenting
Two: This is Not Permissive Parenting
Three: Changing Your Mindset
Four: Self-Regulation-Peace Starts With You
Five: Leader of the Pack
Six: Building a Positive Self-Concept
Seven: The Power of the Tongue
Eight: Teaching Tools
Nine: Consequences and Problem-Solving
Ten: Limit Enforcement Versus Punishment
Eleven: 10 Alternatives to Punishments
Twelve: 10 Things That Are More Important Than Discipline
Thirteen: Bring It Home
Fourteen: Change the World