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Here are 30 fun, connecting activities to do with your kids! Have a wonderful June!

1.  Make slime! Here is how.

2.  Have fun with this free picnic play printable.

3.  Play bubble pool!

4.  Run in sprinklers.

5.  Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt.

6.  Go to your local library for story time.

7.  Put coloring in a bucket of water and stretch paper across a fence – fill water guns with this colored water and then let them spray paint!

8.  Take a nature walk, and let the kids take pictures of things they find interesting. Create a nature book with the photos.

9.  Check your local movie theater. Often they have free kids’ movie days!

10.  Fly a kite.

11.  Hide all the army men, mini animals, etc. in the sand box – have an excavation.

12.  Go fishing.

13.  Camp in your back yard.

14.  Sculpt with homemade salt clay.

15.  Visit your local fire department.

16.  Act out their favorite bedtime story.

17.  Make homemade Popsicles.

18.  Go fishing!

19.  Choose one of these summer crafts to do.

20.  Make a craft for dad!

21.  Have a water balloon fight!

22.  Draw a hot wheels track on the sidewalk and race!

23.  Take them to a FREE workshop or craft event. Home Depot, Lowe’s & Michael’s have great workshops that allow kids to build and create cool projects.

24.  Have breakfast outside in your pj’s.

25.  Make bath time special. Here are some ideas!

26.  Make mini volcanoes.

27.  Grab your nets and go Creature Catching.

28.  Make Dino fossils out of play dough and toy dinosaurs. Imprint and then let it dry.

29.  Play flash light tag at night.
30.  Find a new park to visit.

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  • Katy Scott Posted 10 October 2012 13:51

    I wish you (or Laura) still posted these. We looked forward to them each month and my children keep asking why we don't have any more!! We keep re-using the first 6 month ones, but it would be lovely to have some geared towards autumn and early winter.

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