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1.  Bubble pools! Throw some bubble bath in the pool while you fill it up. To make our “bubble paint,” I just mixed water and food coloring in a squirt bottle.

2. Outdoor painting! Take your little artists outside for fresh inspiration (and let the rain clean up the mess)!

3.  Sand painting! We just used food coloring. Expect a mess, but it washes off easily in the bath. 🙂

4. Obstacle course! I set up a mini obstacle course with walking beams, tires to crawl through, a shaving cream slip -n- slide, and the kiddie pool. Off to the side we had water blaster games with toy targets set up. 
5. Ice play is always great on a hot day! Get creative!
Colored blocks, frozen alphabet, salt and ice experiments, colored water. Lots going on here!

Colored blocks

Ice cupcakes. With sprinkles!!

Bust out the toys!

Ice sculptures! This is a superhero castle. 

The beginning of the superhero castle. Stick 2 ice balls together with salt (frozen water balloons for the ice balls) and add food coloring.

6. Shaving cream slide! Sensitive shaving cream on a pool slide makes it super slippery! And makes the water a yucky mess. 🙂
7. Sidewalk chalk paint made up of cornstarch, water, and food coloring. I also added a bit of baking soda and vinegar to make ours “fizzy chalk.”

8. Sidewalk chalk word jump. We were throwing in a little sight word practice. The word jump was complete with “lava” and “alligators!” Careful where you step!!
9.  Bubble snakes are fun. Cut the end off a water bottle. Cover with a sock and tape it securely. Mix dish liquid and water, add food coloring. Dip the bottle in the bubble solution and blow into the bottle!

10. Mud pie station! Messy but fun!
Have a safe, fun, and playful summer!